What People Say

“Your Kitten is amazing, the best companion and friend. He is so so smart, affectionate, independent and handsome (he knows it is all this). He has a good health and loves play games. I am so Happy with him. Best Regards, Kisses…”
Belinda Carter
“Hello Ray, Little Gina has been spayed last week and she is currently doing really good! She is purring all the time. Such a precious! I have a video of her to share. Gina is both shy and active. She loves to be pet and always purring even when we get closer to her.Thank you so much for this wonderful kitten! Very lovely addition to our home.”
Edward Beaney
He’s been doing so well here! Such a wonderful, sweet, social kitten. Vet said he was very healthy and has a beautiful face and coat. He uses his litter box perfectly and loves to sharpen his claws on his scratchers. Also loves to talk. He is so, so loved! Thank you, again!!
Vicki Corley
“Ray, Thank you once again for all your hard work and the amazing cats you raise. We are very fortunate to know you! We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks!”
Georgia Wilkinson
“He is very energetic, still eats and drinks and uses the litter just fine… his appetite and energy is still normal and … is healthy and a very affectionate boy. I think he’s a little lonely but I can’t have another cat anytime soon! He’s very talkative. 🙂 I don’t take him outside as I’m in downtown.”
Qing Yuan
“I picked up Donald from the airport today! He is very playful and I spent over an hour playing with him. He is meowing a lot probably hungry but he has yet to eat any of the food that came with the carrier. He seems wonderful, thank you! Yes he took a couple sips of water and ate as well. But after that he is under my bed. He seems to like being petted and he purrs and meows quite a bit.”
Julie Weakley
“Our baby boy is 8 months old and getting so big. He is such a love-able boy and is happiest when with my husband and I. He follows me around everywhere and absolutely loves when I let the water run in the sink for him to play with. He is spoiled rotten and is definitely the boss of our house!!”
Eva Beery
“Just wanted to say we made it back to NYC safe and sound. My baby girl is adjusting to the sounds of the city well. She was a little scared for a few hours but now she’s walking around like she’s the queen of the apartment. She is such a snuggler! … I want to say thank you again for raising a beautiful kitty. She’s so incredibly sweet and social. Any time someone walks into the apartment she runs to greet them. All my best,”
Kathleen Berta